Intersections and encounters
Olivier Garcia Concept”
The most surprising thing about his creations is the simplicity of their lines, and a certain quality of lightness and nobility they have. He likes to push the materials he uses to their very limits, to tame them and lead them constantly to assume new shapes and states, thereby creating an impression of secrecy and discretion which at the same time invites questions.
It was his encounter with Jean Michel Basquiat in 1988 which triggered Olivier Garcia’s bulimic creative activity. Ever since, he has never ceased exploring the limits of different materials and their ability to assume new ideas and shapes. In his early days, he especially favoured the use of openwork metal: with their combinations of lacework and urban calligraphy features, his lamps became all the rage in medical practices and bankers’ and lawyer’s offices (amongst others…). There followed the award of a VIA label (“Valorisation de l’innovation dans l’ameublement”), in recognition of his talent at designing innovative furniture. Then quickly came the use of wood, which he has always preferred solid and very pure. Whether they be cabinetmakers, metalworkers or wrought iron specialists, the craftsmen who work with him on his designs are among the most meticulous but, above all, the most audacious in their respective trades. They understand him and pursue the same objectives. Today, Olivier Garcia offers a highly personal interpretation of the materials and colours used in the making of the most select of all designer cars, the Formula One.